Review: Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

When you have some household projects to do, you really need a good tool kit with the kind of tools that are long lasting and give you precision ability for the job at hand. Tool kits have all the basic tools for your needs and they often include plenty of helpful extra tools as well. The Apollo Precision Tools 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit is just the right took kit for any household project. This kit offers plenty of tools and the tools come with a nice, pink color. When these tools are sold, some of the proceeds go to support causes for cancer of the breast, so you’re not only getting solid tools that’ll last you, but you’re also supporting a good cause. Because of their color, these tools make a great gift for a birthday or for the person heading off to college. There’s always a need for tools in a college dorm. In this kit, you get a hammer that has a claw for removing nails. No home should be without a hammer or two because they’re just such versatile tools. In fact, there are many things around a house or an office that tools are needed for. You can’t put together furniture without tools and you can’t get a picture to hang straight without a hammer and a level. What you get in this tool kit is a set of tools well worth their value. You get an amazing 135 pieces all packed in a convenient carrying case. Among these tools for you is a box cutter, which is great for cutting carpet or tile or cutting out a piece of damaged drywall. You get a tape measure that’s twelve feet in length and a level as well. A cordless screwdriver with the charger is included. This screwdriver is a solid 4.8 volts, so you get just the right amount of power. A putty knife comes with the collection and this is one of those tools hat can really make a difference with things like repairing a wall after the doorknob was pushed back too far and it knocked an indention in the wall. These tools have all been heat-treated and they’re chrome plated. This is what makes these tools resistant to wear and tear as well as rust. The way that the tools are designed make them easy to grip and because they’re lightweight, they won’t put strain on your wrist from repetitious movements. The kit also has a fastener set, a utility knife and ten of the one inch size bits. There are also scissors, four screwdrivers, pliers and an adjustable wrench.


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